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Welcome to Clermont County, Ohio, a community in Cincinnati USA that has the workforce and transportation and utility infrastructure your company requires. The Cincinnati region was recently ranked as one of the 5 most competitive cities in North America in the Site Selection Magazine’s 2017 “The World’s Most Competitive Cities” report.  Thank you for visiting our website to find out how and why Clermont County is the best choice for your expanding business in the Cincinnati area.

Located just east of downtown Cincinnati, Clermont County is a growing community with a population of 208,601. With its own labor force of almost 110,000 people, Clermont County is positioned well in the greater Cincinnati metro area, whose combined labor force is nearly 1.5 million. Clermont County offers a highly-skilled workforce well-suited to many fields and industries. The county’s continued population growth ensures an expanding pool of workers for the area’s employers from a multitude of educational backgrounds.

A Clermont County location provides easy access to the I-275 beltway which connects to I-71, I-75, and I-74 in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. For rail transportation, Clermont County is served by the Cincinnati Eastern Railroad (CCET) line, with connections to several other regional lines.

For companies that need access to large amounts of water and/or wastewater disposal, Clermont County has the utility infrastructure to meet your needs. The county operates three water treatment plants that draw water from two different aquifers and a lake with a combined excess daily capacity of 36.2 million gallons. The county operates eight wastewater treatment plants with a combined capacity of 26.4 million gallons per day.