Cost of Utilities

Utilities – Water & Sewer

In a 2019 survey of 63 local communities, Clermont County ranked as the most affordable for combined water and sewer rates.

 Water Rate

  Sewer Rate

Clermont County $67.65 $99.90
Warren County $105.30 $105.08
Springboro $160.56 $143.36
Mason $116.31 $180.92
Lebanon $150.27 $132.75
Butler County $118.23 $84.14
Carlisle $126.06 $127.65
Oxford $102.60 $131.70
Franklin $122.49 $120.42
Monroe $167.34 $84.15
Trenton $161.52 $132.30
Hamilton $105.00 $168.39

Source: Year 2019 Annual Water & Sewer Rate Survey, City of Oakwood Finance Dept.

Notes: Rates are based on 22,500 gallons or 3,000 cubic feet of water in a three-month period.  Rates quoted were those in effect as of March 1, 2019.  Survey of 63 jurisdictions. Clermont County Water Resources Department provides service to the majority of Clermont County residents and businesses.  Other jurisdictions have multiple providers as noted above.

The County operates three water treatment plants that draw water from two different aquifers and a lake with a combined excess daily capacity of 36.2 million gallons. The County operates 8 wastewater treatment plants that have a combined capacity of 26.4 million gallons per day. More information can be found below:

Utilities – Electric & Gas

The vast majority of the County receives electric and natural gas service from Duke Energy ( Southwest Ohio enjoys very competitive gas and electric rates.

Utilities – Cable/Internet/Telephone

A variety of telephone, cable and internet service providers are available for your business needs. Visit the utilities section of our web site for a complete list.